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Digital Marketing Audits

We offer a range of digital marketing audits targeted to your business. We offer these as an introduction to our services but with no expectations other than discussing your report during a call (you are also welcome to pop into our offices).

Once you’ve decided which type of audit you require, one of our Digital Marketing experts will conduct a thorough analysis of your website or campaign. After just a couple of days, you will receive the results and full analysis of our findings including specific areas for marketing improvements as well as clear and effective recommendations.

Read more about the different types of complimentary audits we can offer you below.

Request your complimentary bespoke Digital Marketing Audit

Digital Marketing Audits

Choose your audit…

Digital Marketing Audit

Our complimentary Digital Marketing Audit is the perfect way to learn more about where you are now and how to get to where you want to be! Just fill out the form above, selecting which type of audit suits you best, and our Digital Marketing experts will get to work analysing your website or campaign.

The top level ‘Digital Marketing Audit’ is intended to be a general overview of all your digital marketing, there is no long term commitment and your information will all be confidential. Below are the areas that we can include within a digital marketing audit, with each one tailored to the needs of our individual clients.

The more specific audits look a just one area of your digital marketing and more information about these can be found further down this page.

Top 5 reasons to audit your website

Top 5 reasons to audit your website

  • Competitors outperforming you online

  • Planning for growth

  • Website redevelopment or merger

  • New Content Management System

  • Rebranding or changing business focus

Top level Digital Marketing Audit covers:

Website Overview

Website Technical

Website Analysis and Measurement

Website Quality Assurance

Search Engine Optimisation

Online Competitor Analysis

Social Media Marketing

PPC and other digital advertising channels

Website Legal Issues

Digital Marketing Continuity Planning

Digital Marketing People

Our Auditing process

Our complimentary auditing process is easy and efficient, it only takes a few days for our experts to assess your site.

  1. Step 1

    Fill out our short form above

  2. Step 2

    Our experts will get to work analysing your website design

  3. Step 3

    We will contact you with the results and recommendations from our findings

  4. Step 4

    Achieve goals and create amazing results when you implement our recommendations!

It’s that easy!

SEO Audit

AlphaQuad’s specific Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Audit is designed to help you understand why your website may not be performing to your expectations in Search Engine Rankings.

Get a better understanding of what it will take to increase your website visibility and traffic with a free SEO report from one of AlphaQuad’s highly experienced Digital Marketing and SEO experts.

We will review and highlight any potential issues that search engines may be encountering while crawling your website, and point out any issues which could be preventing you from gaining an advantage over your key competitors. This allows us to suggest improvements that will help increase your website’s search visibility and incoming traffic.

A complimentary organic search (SEO) analysis

Get in touch today to request your complimentary SEO audit from one of the UK’s most experienced agencies.

The result?
Follow our guidelines and you’ll see an improved online performance and better ROI for your business.

Your review will be conducted by a member of our expert Digital Marketing team who will provide you with analysis, insights, and recommendations on how to increase your online visibility, deliver commercial results and reach your online goals.

Your SEO Audit will include:

Website technical performance

On-page SEO

Local SEO

Website backlink profile

Social media signals

Website’s mobile experience

Content structure and target keywords

Competitor performance

Your PPC Audit will include:

Ad relevance factors causing a loss in impression share

Budget factors causing a loss in impression share

Keyword analysis to determine budget wasting non-converting terms

Ad copy and conversion review

Analysis of negative keywords

PPC Audit

Our complimentary Pay Per Click (PPC) Audit is the perfect way to learn more about how to improve your existing Google paid search campaigns.

Avoid wasting online advertising budget and maximise your ROI. Just complete the form above and our Paid Advertising experts will get to work analysing your current digital advertising campaign. There is no commitment and your information will all be confidential.

A complimentary PPC analysis

Get in touch today to request your complimentary PPC audit from one of the UK’s most experienced agencies.

AlphaQuad’s PPC audits are designed to improve online advertising performance. Our Paid Advertising experts will review the quality and effectiveness of your digital advertising campaign and provide you with insights and recommendations on how to better manage your budget to increase your ROI. We’ll provide a detailed analysis of your campaign and uncover wasted spend, so you can focus your efforts on keywords that count!

Marketing Automation Audit

Our complimentary Marketing Automation Audit is a great way for you to look at how your internal systems (or lack of) are impacting your Digital Marketing and Sales.

We will evaluate specific areas in your marketing and sales operations, focus on your strategies, systems and tactics from the first point of lead contact right through to sale.

A complimentary Marketing Automation analysis

Get in touch today for your complimentary Marketing Automation Audit.

One of our Digital Marketing experts will review your integrated systems, identifying lead capture points and reviewing how effectively leads are monitored and nurtured. We will also advise on how you can help your Sales team to make the best use of your internal systems. There is no commitment with this Marketing Automation Audit and your information will be kept confidential.

Your Marketing Automation Audit will include:

Marketing and sales systems integration including your Website, CRM, Email Marketing Platform, Social Media Automation, Google Analytics, Content, Campaign Management

Lead management inc. lead qualification, scoring, nurturing, and workflows

Lead generation campaigns, channels, lead sources, and tracking

The lead capture process, including website landing pages, forms, gated content and downloads CRM structure and email list, group, segmentation and campaign templates

Metrics, reporting, and other marketing key performance indicators (KPIs)

Sales Enablement – Are your Sales team using your internal systems effectively

Your Google Analytics Audit will include:

Opportunities for dashboard configuration

Data anomalies – odd results

Filters and segments for clear data insights

Possible goal and conversion points for automated results

Website changes to enhance analytics

Event tracking for user behaviour analysis

The correct parameters to understand correlations and relationships

Understanding your audience with greater detail

Google Analytics Audit

Our complimentary Google Analytics (GA) Audit is designed to help ensure your GA account is set up correctly in order to gain accurate insights about your website traffic and user behaviour.

Quite often there are fundamental oversights in the setup of GA which lead to misinformation and missed opportunities. Having a correctly configured GA account will allow you to make sound, data-driven decisions for your business.

On receipt of your audit request, one of our data analyst experts will perform a brief audit of your GA account and be in touch to ask a few non-technical questions.

A complimentary Google Analytics review

Get in touch today for a complimentary audit of your Google Analytics setup.

A good setup and understanding of Google Analytics is important to ensure that you are tracking the right information in the right way. If you’re interested in learning more about this powerful performance measurement tool, visit our Google Analytics page or give us a call.

Social Media Audit

Our complimentary Social Media Audit is designed to help you gain key information about how your current social media campaigns are performing and, in addition, what can be done to improve them. On receipt of your audit request, one of our digital marketing experts will perform an audit of your current social media activities using screen sharing technology – you don’t even have to leave your seat.

Your Social Media Audit will include:

General Overview: A look at your current social media presence, brand use, consistency, community and competitors

Sector Suitability: Are you using the right platforms for your business sector? We will advise on which social networks are best for your target market

Profile: Are all your profiles complete? We will take a look at all of your social profiles to ensure they are correctly completed and are fully optimised for maximum presence

Community: Do you have millions of followers but nobody is engaging with you? We will have a dig around your social community and make sure the quality of your following is up to scratch, and offer ways to make improvements going forward

Content: Posting lots of content but no one seems to respond? We will look through your published posts and highlight any issues that could be restricting your performance.

Watch your tone: Showing your companies “personality” when using social media is vital, your audience wants you to add value to their news feeds, nobody wants to see a sales pitch! We will check your content to determine if you’re projecting your brand’s tone of voice in the right way

On Brand: Using several social platforms? Is your branding well optimised across all your platforms? Having consistency across all your platforms is essential for building trust in your community

Competitors: Are your competitors beating you to it? (We’ll review your main competitors to discover their strengths and weaknesses)

WordPress Audit

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System on the planet and probably the best of its type but… and there’s always a but, not everyone who builds WordPress sites has a complete understanding of the platform and costly mistakes are common. We can review your WordPress site to either give you the reassurance that everything is as it should be or point out issues that you have not spotted.

A complimentary WordPress review

Contact us today for your complimentary WordPress analysis.

As part of the WordPress Audit, we’ll provide insight and recommendations on your WordPress theme and plugins. We will also audit areas such as site speed and image compression. In addition, we’ll check that your site is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ready. It is important to protect your site and the data that it collects, so we will also assess site security.

Your WordPress Audit will include:

WordPress, theme and plugin versions

Plugin choice and extent

Site speed

Site security

Backup and restore systems

Hosting and web server neighbours

Responsiveness on different screens

Image compression

SEO readiness

Essential functions

Your Web Design Audit will include:

Navigation menus, in content links and on-page “breadcrumbs”

Responsive design so it can be viewed easily across all devices

Lossless compression to ensure that large graphics load more readily

Content designed and built with a clear understanding of the target audience and user journey

Online brand identity

User-friendliness, accessibility and engagement, with clear and concise calls to action

Content pages helpful, useful, informative, relevant, and user-appropriate

Relevant, useful and engaging visual elements as well as rich content

Content Management System use

Site rendering right on all major browsers

Pages load speed

Website Design Audit

For over 20 years, AlphaQuad have been creating cutting edge websites for businesses. Simply put, we design and develop amazing websites, and we want to help yours be amazing too! You may not see that your website could actually be working against you. That is why we’re offering a complimentary website design audit to help identify areas that will improve conversion, rank better in Google, enhance brand awareness and generate leads!

A complimentary Website Design analysis

Contact us today for your complimentary Web Design review.

We’ll assess the customer experience that your site provides, by looking into areas such as navigation, content relevance, responsiveness and online brand identity. A well-designed website will not only look great, but it can improve search visibility and lead generation.

Sales Audit

At AlphaQuad, our aim is to help businesses generate a greater return on investment across all their marketing platforms. That is why we offer a complimentary marketing and sales audit to help promote your business and hit your growth goals. One of our experts will audit your current strategies & systems, show you how you can increase leads and customers, and create a slick effective sales and marketing strategy to grow your business.

Your Sales Audit will include:

Current sales and marketing strategy

Current sales support systems (crm, email marketing etc)

Online lead generation efforts and opportunities

Current website traffic vs conversion and how it could improve

Growth goals and ideas on how to achieve this

How connected your marketing is to your sales and how to ensure you’re getting the best results

Digital Marketing Audit

Request your complimentary Digital Marketing Audit now

Simply fill out our short form and our Digital Marketing experts will get to work analysing your website or campaign.
Digital Marketing Audits
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